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6025 Documentary

Pat recently featured in a short doco by Trevor Bly

Patrick Doherty Review in the West Australian

A review by Laetitia Wilson on Pat’s exhibition “Confession to God, But not mine”.

A quote from the summary

“They are also the kind of paintings worth owning not only from an investment point of view but because you could spend a lot of time with them. staring into them and wondering about their various possible stories and meanings.”

A link to the full article.

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Reign – In Development

Chrissie Parrott Performance Company brings together an exceptional creative team of Western Australian artists to explore this multi-art production incorporatng dance, music, large scale painted artworks and text.

This is a journey to bring the artwork of West Australian visual artist Patrick Doherty to life through theatre. During a series of intensive workshops, exploring all aspects of sound, movement, text and design, a rigorous foundation for the production is built.

The characters inhabiting Doherty’s canvases, half animal/half human, are sketched as if they were passing thoughts, nightmares or the effluence of a disturbed subconscious. Writer Reg Cribb describes Doherty’s work as “paintings that seize one by the jugular, kick down the doors of perception and suggest a myriad of stories full of darkness and wonder.”

Parrott’s distinctive theatrical style explores all aspects of the human condition through the absurd, the romantic and animalistic, and offers a unique approach to extend Doherty’s artworks into the theatrical arena.

Director/ Choreographer Chrissie Parrott
Visual Artist Patrick Doherty
Writer Reg Cribb
Composer Jonathan Mustard
Performers Kate Hall, George Shevtsov, Claudia Alessi, Rhiannon Newton, Russell Leonard, Kirsty Hillhouse, Tom Penney and Scott Ewen
Musician Tristen Parr
Produced by Performing Lines WA